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Your Burning Questions Answered

Yes, we love drop-ins.  Please see the drop in link to register.  Drop in classes are $25.

Concerned parents are the best parents!  There is increasing evidence that teaching children has long lasting benefits as they continue to grow and mature.  It’s the technique that matters and the control, coordination, balance and confidence that the technique yields.  We are very serious about making sure that all our members, particularly the young ones, are moving safely before we add anything other than minimal weight.

Not at all.  That would be like saying you need to complete the Tour De France before learning how to ride a bike.  The CrossFit methodology works for everyone and our coaches are continuously trained in adapting the workouts for members of all skill levels.  We would never ask you to do something that makes you feel uncomfortable or unsafe.  Functional movement is about moving the body the way it is designed to move, and that is our primary goal. 

All our members get 24/7/365 access to the gym.  Members who have our Open Gym membership are no different – they just aren’t eligible to join a class.  We have a dedicated Open Gym area with all the same equipment available to our class members so you never feel out of place. 

Knowledge is power!  By regularly checking our base metabolism, body fat, muscle mass etc. we can see progress beyond the number on the scale.  It is not uncommon for people to wonder why they aren’t losing as much weight as they thought, only to find out that they have lost a lot of fat, but gained muscle mass at the same time.  This is a good thing! 

CrossFit methodology, coupled with a healthy dietary lifestyle, shapes a lean, strong body – not bulk.  We would be happy to discuss the role protein and carbohydrates play in our overall weight and appearance.