Classes for All Ages

Don’t be afraid of the CrossFit/Functional Fitness methodology.  Our coaches and programs are specifically trained and designed to work with people of all ages and skill levels.  Our kids programs are designed to kids of similar ages and needs are working together.  We are the only facility in Dripping Springs with a dedicated Youth Sports Training program geared towards competitive middle and high school athletes and all our coaches are skilled personal trainers if it’s 1 on 1 training you’re interested in.

CrossFit/Functional Fitness Training

Quite simply, this is the most effective training methodology around.  Yes, it can seem intimidating at first but our coaches are trained to make sure all our members are moving safely and properly before they are allowed to add significant load.  Once the initial nervousness is gone, you will find that you are moving faster, better and stronger than you ever thought possible and that carries over to all other aspects of your life. 

These classes are 60 minutes long and include a general warm up, workout specific warm up, movement and workout review and then the workout.  Strength cycles are incorporated throughout the year.  Workouts might be as short as 5-6 minutes or closer to 30 minutes.  The intent of the workout is always explained, which helps both the coaches customize the workout to your particular skill level. 

This class is our core offering and is offer 6x/week multiple times/day.  

All members have access to unlimited classes as well as 24/7/365 access to the gym. 

Sports Training

Dripping Springs is fortunate to have tremendous youth athletics, both within the ISD and at the club level.  This program is designed for the middle and high school athletes who are striving to compete at the highest level.  The program incorporates strength training that will help build power, strength, speed, balance and coordination.  The program is structured around the different seasons within the sport (i.e. more strength training in the off season), even when the sports operate around different schedules.  Proper mechanics are paramount to prevent injury and loads are carefully managed to build strength without compromising safety. 

This is the first program of its kind in the area and is the perfect supplement to sports specific training programs.  The kids that wind up advancing to college athletics and beyond are those that are highly talented in their sports, but also those that are strong and understand proper movement and mechanics.  This class is designed to provide your young athlete with the advantage they need.  

Memberships will be monthly recurring memberships that include all available Sports Training Classes and 24/7/365 access to the gym

Adults & Tots

This program is designed for kids 2-4 years old and their favorite adult.  You will move with your kiddo, getting a workout for you both and also letting the young ones see from the very beginning that exercise is an important part of life.  At first it might be the smiles the kiddos see that make them giggle, but then they’ll start to get a thrill from age appropriate obstacle courses, parachutes, music and movement.  At 30 minutes long this class is just the right amount of time for the adults to break a sweat and for the little ones to burn some energy (and maybe get ready for a nice long nap). 

We welcome and encourage adults of any age to join in this class.  Moms, Dads, Grandparents etc are all welcome and the workouts will always be customized for both the kiddo and the adult.  This is also a great way to gt to know some of the other parents in the area and for the young ones to build social skills and meet future playmates. 

  • Offered 2x/week in 6 week sessions  
  • Class Size Limit: 5 pairs

Little Kids (5-8 yrs old)

At this age exercise is play and play is exercise.  These 45 minute long sessions will begin to teach some basic exercise movements, but will be structured with fun as a primary goal.  Making sure kids continue to move naturally through these years is critical, so our staff will be focused on basic mechanics in movements like squatting and picking items up.  This program will also begin to introduce information about colorful (healthy) eating.  

During this class we will be introducing very light weights when we see the kiddos are ready.  The goal is not to lift heavy, but instead to make sure proper mechanics are taught at an early age.  Equipment in this class is specifically designed for children so they can lift and move items that are properly sized.  We will also begin to incorporate agility training in an age appropriate manner so that as they start to grow, the children retain balance and coordination.  

  • Offered 2x/week in 6 week sessions 
  • Class Size Limit: 10 kids

Big Kids (9-12 yrs old)

This is a perfect age to add a little more resistance (weight) training into the mix.  Of course proper technique is paramount so the instructors focus on form first.  The classes are 60 minutes long and will include some technique training and then a workout that incorporates the lessons of the first part of the class.  We also incorporate agility training to help maintain and improve coordination.  Children in this class might also be active in increasingly competitive sports programs and the workout and techniques used will have direct benefit to the demands of athletics at this age.  

We will also do more in depth discussions about nutrition and understanding how to eat healthy.  Don’t be surprised when you catch the kiddos reading food labels! 

Of course, fun and community are what makes these programs work so all programming and classes are designed to include and celebrate the accomplishments of kids throughout the age range and of all skill levels. 

  • Offered 2x/week in 6 week sessions  
  • Class Size Limit: 10 kids